Trade Waste Agreement Fee

Businesses that do not have a commercial spill permit for an ongoing spill may be required to discharge wastewater for a limited period of time. This is called single unloading. All commercial waste customers pay an annual fee to cover operating costs covered by the regulation, maintenance and advice to commercial waste customers. Customers are subject to progressive pricing based on their risk classification, with the most at-risk customers paying the highest fees. Royalties are collected when commercial waste is released exceeds 10 tonnes of biochemical oxygen or suspended requirements, 20 tonnes of dissolved solids, or a volume of 10,000 kL per year. These fees are not subject to the GST. We characterized the commercial wastewater quality of commercial customers by sampling groups with similar processes. We used this information to calculate the cost of treating these commercial waters. Each process is allocated at a usd/kL fee.

If you go down to a sewage system affected by accelerated odour and corrosion, these additional costs may be incurred. This annual charge applies to uncovered wash bays and container wash areas with ground effluents connected to the wastewater system. It covers the costs associated with the amount of rainwater entering your washing station into the sewer system, and is directly proportional to the surface of the soil that flows into your wash bay. This reduces the cost of processing applications for marine waste to the sewers. Sampling and analysis: To discuss charges for these services, please contact us at (09) 539 7655 or e-mail Our treatment plants are designed to provide a satisfactory level of wastewater treatment from homes – not commercial and industrial customers. The adoption of commercial wastewater in our sanitation system means that we accept additional risks of operation, environment and safety. To address these risks, we set concentration limits for certain substances based on the A2 levy below: commercial waste tax (controlled/conditional). Commercial transportation, treatment and disposal costs are calculated by volume as wastewater below the non-national rate. Anzeigen Wastewater Pricing Plans More information on wastewater pricing plans Customers with high resistance and/or large-scale wastewater discharges are included in an ongoing audit program.